Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camera & Twin tower.

It's Monday again! After having the second interview at Time Square U Mobile, changed clothes and head to KLCC Twin Tower for shooting photo again since my boy is addicted to photography.



Before go out to the garden park, we have our lunch at Little Penang Cafe on the top floor of KLCC. 
It's quite nice food and taste. Of course the price is kinda.....erhemmm..(who will expect to have cheap food in Klcc.) But whatever, important is the taste!^^ not bad.


Then, head to the outdoor and start wait for my boy to shoot here shoot there with his camera and tripod. 
And i just have a seat and wait.

After that, we bought movie ticket for Immortal by using the free coupon from Maxis. Hehe! RM0.

Before the show start, we are getting attracted by the new renovated Isetan supermarket. It is nice, bright, elegant and give people a Japan's feel.^^ I like the environment there. Then we bought and tried some Jap and Korean food is Buy 1 Free 1 cos it's over 8pm. Taste nice with the Kimchi rice!

June 20th's Birthday!

Long time didn't updated my post~feeling lazy!
The whole month of Oct & Nov I'm spending all the day at home!
Stupid U Mobile after 2nd interview still wan me to wait and pending for shortlist. Damn it!
Time and day spending like dik dok dik dok everyday, but you want me wait! >.<
I want a job badly, of course want it in the industry that i interested! Hope and bless U Mobile give me a chance!

It's November! Time for celebration of June's Birthday!
Me, Kamun and Yien decided to have a beer session with June at Sunway Giza Mall.
Before started for beer, we had our dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant and got a big size free milk tea. Yummy! The first time i like the taste of milk tea.

Ordered Pasta with Scallop. Kinda oily..

After had dinner, we rushed to Beer Factory because there is promotion for a tower of Heineken before 10pm.
Since there is Friday, so it is crowded with people! 

Happy Forever!^^

Missing of Michelle!>.< Juz 4 of us...

BaBi June^^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Karaoke time!

Today goin out with my gang of ji mui.. With June and kamun, and being ffk by Yien due to her gastric again.. We start our singing on 10am... That's so early=.= Kamun wrongly booked the lunch hour from 10am-1pm.. Greenbox changed it's system, 1 hour for rm10 for 1 room..and no more tidbits and drink for free flow ady. >.<

After that, we had our lunch at one of the Taiwanese Restaurant at 3rd floor of Sg wang! 
Taste not bad and worth to try^^
Then we also have some walk and head to Time Square's gasoline for tea time, relax and chit chat.

Additionally, good news for my boy bcos he's getting promoted on his current job! my boy waited this opportunity for 3-4 years! I'm so happy for him! Congratulation to my Boy!! 
Fully spirit in supporting you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Original plan was going Cameron Highland, but end with heading to Melaka for food trip!^^

Start our journey at 9am after fetched Tenji at Time Square, this is his first time follow me and my boy go out shooting since he bought a new Canon 1100D! 
 Reached Melaka around 11.30am. First stop, of course have Chicken Rice Ball 和记鸡粒饭 at Jonker Street. It is the best chicken rice ball compare with the 古城鸡粒饭!
It came with a soup, rice ball, chicken and a vegetable. Although it is the second time i tried, but still so GREAT, DELICIOUS and YUMMY!


Afterward, is shooting session for them. Me...wait under the bright, hot sun. OMG~! gonna get sunburn and black skin! 



Walk around the travel location in Melaka, then of course is tea time session! We have our famous Nadeje Patisserie Cafe and have a slide of Mille Crepe Cake. Ordered 3 different taste with Strawberry, Berry and Cheese. It taste not bad but also not that special.^^ Nice try. But it is worst in the drink we ordered, Ice lemonade that is not sour and Strawberry milkshake taste like yogurt strawberry blend with ice, tasteless.

After that, we have our ride on Menara Taming Sari. RM10 per person. Nothing special, cos this is my second time rides.


Also have a look at the large pirate boat for RM3 per entry. Take some of the picture. Not bad.



Before end of the journey, heading to 三叔公 buy some biscuit for souvenir and my boy have his Durian Cendol, i dont like it! Thus, have our dinner at one of the Nyonya food at Jonker Street. Unfortunately my favorite Nyonya asam laksa is out of order.So my boy ordered Baba Laksa for me, but i dont like it taste, taste like curry mee.